Meet The Team

Bradford Brown, Co-founder & President, Creative Director

The visionary behind Laughing Soul Media, co-founder and president Bradford Brown has always been a storyteller, frequently crafting plays and stories in the backyard of his childhood home in Cleveland, Ohio. Later, while at Syracuse University studying Musical Theatre and Directing, Bradford co-founded Ring of Fire Productions, a multi-media theater company, using film, animation, and compositing with live actors on stage. This provided the spark of what is possible when intersecting live theater and technology.

After college, Bradford produced commercials for 3D animation and visual effects company, Spontaneous Combustion, and later became a freelance producer for Plus et Plus. Anticipating a June 2014 graduation, Bradford is studying 3D animation at the Academy of Art University. Most recently, contributing at film production studio Screen Gems, Bradford has enjoyed working on various projects, including One Tree Hill, Ironman and Revolution.

In the role of Creative Director, Bradford leads the creative and technical development of all games and event production within Laughing Soul. His talent lies in crafting the big stories and dreaming of cutting edge innovations, thus integrating these disparate fields into engaging entertainment and never before seen experiences.

Susan Maravetz, Co-founder, Director of Operations

Throughout her career, Susan Maravetz has found herself on the bleeding edge of technology, yet she has found that keeping it accessible and personal has always worked best in delivering innovation. As a business development and marketing professional with over twenty-five years experience delivering software and hardware solutions, consulting services and marketing strategies; Susan is uniquely qualified to guide the launch of Laughing Soul Media. A graduate of Virgina Tech with a BS in Marketing, Susan worked at IBM, Software Spectrum and HAHT Commerce before launching her own consulting firm to help business leaders implement quickly and effectively.

In her role as Director of Operations, Susan is crafting the underlying business infrastructure and corporate culture that will ensure that Laughing Soul is successful and operates profitably in all markets and lines of business. Of most importance to Susan is that Laughing Soul attracts the right employees, business partners and guests by focusing on the positive messages and possibilities that abound.