About IT

“IT is a joy machine; IT is about light, manifestation and bringing joy and pleasure through positive messages and experiences.”

- Bradford Brown, Founder of Laughing Soul Media


“The universe is a stage on which your mind dances with your body guided by your heart.”

- YogiTea

At Laughing Soul Media, we celebrate the intersection of technology innovation, gaming and theatrical experience. We seek to entertain, empower and reward those who are attracted to us.

Laughing Soul Media delivers an immersive visual environment to facilitate the manifestation of anything the imagination can craft – we call this environment – IT (Immersive Theatre). This innovative environment and our entertaining content provide a positive, interactive, and engaging experience for all guests.

IT delivers an immersive, interactive 360° spontaneous gaming and theatrical experience with unlimited potential for storytelling and creative dramatization within a unique theatre environment where guests explore different worlds and challenges.  Blending a positive, upbeat message into every interactive game, production and experience ensures that our guests feel inspired and successful.


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