Experience IT! Revisited

Susan Maravetz
Director of Operations, Laughing Soul Media
Connect via: susan@laughingsoulmedia.com

If you have been hanging with Laughing Soul Media for awhile; you will remember that a little over a year ago, we launched Experience IT! It was a fun-filled week of virtual reality, games and creativity. From that week, we’ve had a year of action-packed planning and organization in building our proof of concept into an actionable business.

It has not always been easy, as both Bradford Brown and I have been working on separate projects in addition to Laughing Soul, but we have consistently committed time exploring technology possibilities, connecting with thought leaders & investors and preparing ourselves for the next step: Crowdsourcing Our Vision.

What exactly is our vision?

IT: Immersive Theatre – otherwise known as a 360° projection dome that allows you to move freely in space, exploring worlds, playing games, enjoying photography, watching movies and otherwise creating in a virtual world of reality. Initially, IT will be located in Wilmington, NC because that is where we are and where our creative team lives. But soon enough, we will take IT on the road, sharing IT with museums, festivals, trade shows, educational forums, pretty much anyone who wants to play in the dome.

Crowdfunding – if you haven’t spent a lot of time on the internet lately (we sure have), you may not be aware of this innovative way to get new projects off the ground. A technology platform/community is built that supports the creative project’s vision. Supporters of specific projects put their money where their support is and receive rewards for their financial vote. Lots of new products & projects are becoming reality faster these days because of crowdfunding. We want to be one of those projects! One of the most important things to know is that when crowdfunding is successful, it is because of the community involved, not because of the specific platform utilized.

Indiegogo: Our brainchild is nicely packaged on the site in such a way that we can clearly articulate our vision, our goals and our perks for participating. With a financial goal in place that will allow us to get busy with the action side of the work ($75,000 with a stretch goal of $150,000). In exchange for financial support, we offer our fans on Indiegogo lots of cool perks, including access to a private development bulletin board, Skype time with our team and game play inside the dome and some pretty killer events after the launch. We will be highlighting our perks in more detail in future posts over the next couple of weeks.

We have chosen the Indiegogo platform for a number of reasons. The first is they have a really solid track record with gaming companies and are super supportive of helping participants preparing online & community outreach effectively. Based on our research, we found the Indiegogo platform to be the most flexible both for funding and for our kind of technology project. We like what we’ve seen so far and know this will be a successful campaign!

What is next? This week, we will launch our Indiegogo campaign. Bradford has created a fun video that explains our vision and direction and how you can help. The campaign page is filled with additional details and all the perks that are available. We will be running our campaign for six weeks, planning to end right before the Labor Day holiday. That will give us plenty of time to get the word out, rally our social media community and ensure that we reach our goal of $75,000 to permanently install IT in Wilmington, NC!

We will be asking for a lot of help, this is definitely something we can’t do on our own. And one thing we’ve learned this past year, there are lots of smart and enthusiastic people out there that want IT to be successful and more importantly, are eager to get inside and play in the dome!

Keep your eyes out on Facebook and Twitter, as well as this blog to hear the latest and please SUPPORT and SHARE! Thank you for all the attention and support you have provided this past year, and get excited for MORE!

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