2 Years of Laughing

Susan Maravetz

Director of Operations

2 years ago this spring was the launch of Experience IT. The excitement and energy of our fast momentum allowed a unique opportunity to explore a virtual environment and the creation of games to play inside. Since that time, we’ve been working behind the scenes to organize a business that can sustain virtual reality experiences that everyone can enjoy on an ongoing basis. What that means is lots of business plan modeling (I think we are on at least version number 8), and many meetings with potential investors, mentors and advisors. We’ve enjoyed incredible generosity from the business community in providing us with clear feedback and business direction.

This is all to say that we are still a work in process and we appreciate every great idea, interesting connection and offer of support we receive. And that is also to say, don’t give up on Laughing Soul Media, we haven’t and in fact, we are having a great time in the process.

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