With only seconds left on the ticking bomb, hands trembling and sweat dripping from your brow, you send a final prayer and decisively snip the green and blue wires, saving mankind from certain obliteration.

And so ends your adventure and begins your love affair with IT.

Imagine walking into an open space. You have just selected your next adventure. The space fills with a fantastic new world and your story begins…you are in control of your experience. You interact with a wise guide who steers you through your adventure as you navigate the challenges of your world. Your choices determine the outcome and the fulfillment of your adventure.

Are you ready to have a cutting edge entertainment experience that feels inspiring, fun and engaging?

Are you ready to be immersed in an experiential story where you are the lead character? Make ongoing choices that affect the outcome of the story? Interact with guides who help you on your adventure? At Laughing Soul Media, we are launching a new immersive environment and creating entertaining games that will deliver unlimited interactive experiences for our guests.

“IT is the future of entertainment.”

- Bradford Brown